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It was 1932 in Chemnitz, Germany, when the union of four automobile manufacturers merged to create one of the most recognizable vehicle emblems on the road: Audi’s four silver rings. With each ring representing one of the previous companies, Audi’s luxury name and look were established. These superior vehicles were built with the focus on high-performance engines with lightweight construction to create ultimate aerodynamics. Since the 30s, this hasn’t changed. With the emergence of the Quattro, the A4, and their first-time SUV, the Q7, Audi’s popularity and reputation for reliability alongside style continue today. Now, the Q-series is more sought-after than ever, as these luxury vehicles provide a comfort, style, and performance that are unparalleled to other car brands on the market. As soon as you step foot in these top-of-the-line vehicles, you’ll understand immediately why their popularity has stayed consistent, year after year. With the replacement of only OEM parts during repair, your Audi will be able to give you the performance it’s always meant to, no matter what model or year.

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