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The very first Buick was built somewhere around 1900, but its most concrete start began in 1903 when the company shifted gears, moved to Flint, Michigan, and produced some of the most popular vehicles of the time. Surpassing both Ford and Cadillac in numbers, Buick had made quite the name for itself by the time the 20s rolled around. They continued to produce various-sized vehicles throughout the decades, from the Roadmaster to the Riviera to the Roadmaster Skylark.  The 80s brought significant body style change, condensing the size of their vehicles, and we saw transformation yet again in the 2010s. Today, though Buicks look quite different than they used to back in the day, they are still continuing to be awarded for their dependability. With their revival, they established their spot in popular SUVs and crossovers. Make sure your Buick is always getting the parts it needs, and purchase only OEM components when repairs are needed. OEM parts and accessories guarantee ideal fit and ultimate performance, keeping your Buick running perfectly, whether new or old. 

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