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Risen from the ashes of one of Henry Ford’s failed companies, the Cadillac Car Company was founded in 1902. Machinist Henry Leland had the idea to take a Ford frame and combine it with a single-cylinder engine, and thus, Cadillacs were made. In 1909, the company was bought by GM and became its own luxury division of the auto-brand. Three short years later, Cadillac crafted the world’s first electric self-starter and its V-8 engine went on to be installed in all Cadillac models. The luxury brand continued to be a pioneer in its industry, being the first to introduce power steering and automatic windshield wipers as standard. As the years progressed, superior models like the historical Eldorado, sleek CTS, and ever-popular Escalade were produced, keeping Cadillac always in the running for top luxury automotive brand. Your luxury Cadillac always deserves the best, so providing it with high-quality OEM components is ideal. OEM parts ensure ideal fit and performance for your Cadillac, no matter what model or year you drive. When you shop through OEM Online Parts, you’re giving your Caddy the absolute best. 

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