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If you’re driving a Chrysler, it’s important that you remember to use only OEM parts when you need to replace or repair a part. Genuine Chrysler parts are going to be manufactured with your vehicle in mind - meaning they will have the same fitment and measurements that are required for a quality installation. OEM Chrysler parts can be found here on our site - we have a great selection. The Chrysler brand of vehicles has a history that dates all the way back to the 1920’s. Walter Chrysler launched the Chrysler 70 in 1924, which featured many different innovations. The brand also eventually developed ridged rim wheels, which proved helpful in preventing tires from flying off the wheels entirely when they were flat. In the late 1920’s, the brand divided the different vehicles in the lineup by price class and function. By the 2000’s, the company had acquired three different marques, including Dodge and Jeep. Ram was established in 2009. If you happen to own a Chrysler model, don’t invest in just any aftermarket part. Take pride in your car and invest in OEM parts and accessories that you can get here on our site! 

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