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Developed originally to help transport troops and cargo during the Persian Gulf War, the Humvee’s reputation for being rough and rugged had begun. After being a huge help during the 1989 invasion, the company decided to craft a civilian vehicle, and thus, the Hummer was born. These strong hunks of metal weighed over 10,000 pounds and got poor gas mileage, but its style and super-sized looks still appealed to many, and the company continued to thrive throughout the 90s. In 1992, GM stepped in and bought the company, helping to eventually distribute the Hummer H2, which was a more compact version of the iconic Hummer. Unfortunately, even as the even smaller Hummer H3 was released, the economy took a turn for the worse and Hummer was hit hard. Hummers are no longer being produced in the US for civilian use, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is still used in combat today. To keep these tough vehicles driving as well as they do, their parts should always be replaced by OEM ones. OEM parts and accessories are made for your Hummer, giving you the best results possible.

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