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Chung Ju Yung created the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company in 1947, but it wasn’t until 20 years later that the Hyundai Motor Company was officially established. Working together with Ford, Hyundai released the Cortina, their first car model. While this did well, they were determined to produce their own vehicles, and thus hired six engineers to craft a Hyundai all their own. So, in 1975, the Pony was introduced, being the first South Korean car on the market. It took another decade to get Hyundai to sell their cars to the US market, but when they did, models like the Sonata, the Alpha, and the Scoupe were widely popular. Today, we can see the roads filled with stylish Elantras or brand-new Konas, as the Hyundai brand has only continued to produce some of the highest-performing vehicles available. If you want to keep your Hyundai performing its best, it needs the best parts. OEM components are always the ideal option for your vehicles, as they are made for your specific model and year. When you purchase OEM parts, your Hyundai will maintain its power and performance, drive after drive. 

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