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Originally founded in 1916, Isuzu Motor Limited wouldn’t get its name until a few decades later, in 1949. Right before this, the company had just previously released their TX40 gasoline truck and then later their TU60 diesel truck, establishing solid popularity in Japan. Isuzu continued to have success over the years, so much so, that in 1971, the brand signed an agreement with General Motors. After the merger, the two produced the Gemini, sold in the US as the Buick’s Opel by Isuzu. Eventually, Isuzu reached peak popularity in the United States in 1996 when they introduced a pickup truck: the Isuzu Hombre. After decades of popularity not only in the US but throughout the entire world, the company announced their withdrawal from the US automotive industry in 2008. However, Isuzu’s presence in the market and within various other car brands is still more than clear today. To keep your Isuzu perfectly preserved no matter how many years you’ve had it, buying OEM parts and accessories is the best choice for you. Genuine Isuzu parts will keep your ride performing the way it was built to and showing everyone on the road exactly what Isuzu is made of. 

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