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The Subaru automobile division of the Japanese Subaru Corporation has been manufacturing vehicles since 1953. In 1953, the Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. was established and produced aircrafts at first. The prototype 4-wheel passenger vehicle known as the P-1 was completed in 1954. The car was something that provided both comfort and stability with an independent front-wheel suspension and rear-wheel rigid axle suspension. The Subaru brand has been fairly popular on the Western market with a large number of dedicated buyers. Many buyers desire the company’s “signature drive train engine” and all-wheel drive capabilities that they include in their cars. They also have manufactured many affordable sports cars. If you drive a Subaru, the most important thing to remember is to use OEM parts when you’re making repairs or replacements on your vehicle.  Only original equipment manufactured parts are designed with the exact specifications of your make and model in mind. This means they will have a perfect fit within your vehicle. Find what you’re looking for here at OEM Online Parts.

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Subaru Exhaust

Subaru Floor Mats

Subaru Head Gasket

Subaru License Plate Frame

Subaru Oil Filter

Subaru Roof Rack

Subaru Seat Covers

Subaru Steering Wheel Cover

Subaru Sun Shade

Subaru Trailer Hitch