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The Suzuki Motor Corporation has history dating back to 1909, where it was founded as Suzuki Loom Works. The first thirty years of the company was focused on producing weaving looms for the silk industry in Japan. However, the company began looking at other products to manufacture and decided upon a small car based on consumer demand. There were many prototype cars produced over a two-year span starting in 1937. By 1954, the company was producing 6,000 motorcycles per month and changed their name to the Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. Throughout the years, the company has produced high-quality cars and was the eleventh biggest automaker in 2016.If you drive a Suzuki vehicle, it’s important that you’re investing in high quality components that are made for your specific make and model. This is because only OEM parts are made according to factory standards and have to be quality tested. They are also manufactured with the measurements of your make and model in mind. You can find a wide selection of OEM Suzuki parts and accessories here on our site, making it easy to shop. 

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