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If you’re looking for replacement parts or upgrades for your Volvo vehicle, you’re in the right place. Here at OEM Import Parts, we have a range of components that are high quality and made with your exact make and model in mind. Only OEM Volvo parts are going to be an exact fit for your vehicle and last a long time. OEM parts are also backed by guarantees and made according to manufacturer guidelines. The history of Volvo dates back to 1927. From the start, the vehicles have been marketed as being reliable and built with a solid foundation. Their website states they believed “nobody else was making them strong or safe enough for Swedish roads.” The first Volvo vehicle rolled off the factory line on April 14, 1927. The company hit the milestone of producing 10,000 Volvos by 1932. Over time, dealerships asked the company to develop a more inexpensive car, which turned into the PV 51 model. In 1999, the brand was sold to Ford Motor Company and became a part of the Premier Automotive Group. Get the best parts for your Volvo and shop here at OEM Online Parts.

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